Located along the gourmet enclave at Ann Siang Hill, BOCA introduces vibrant Portuguese cuisine to the Singapore food scene.

BOCA which means "mouth" in Portuguese, serves up classic home-style dishes with authentic flavours using specially imported ingredients from Portugal.

BOCA is nestled in a charming three-storey shophouse where each level caters to a different dining experience for guests. The first floor, tasca features bar seating by the open kitchen for petiscos or "little plates" of Portuguese snacks and nibbles, a relaxed and cool setting in a totally modern, hip and cool environment; the second level, boca, offers guests a full-dining experience in comfy booth seats; and the third level house the adega (wine cellar) for wine enthusiasts to indulge in Portuguese wines in a private setting.

Andorinha - The black swallows at Boca

One of Portugal's national icons. You will find hundreds of beautiful birds in Boca, these birds are known locally as andorinha and are famous for their migratory journey to Portugal every spring where they make their nests with their life-long companions. They are synonymous with family, loyalty and love and echo the Portuguese soul that is omnipresent at the restaurant.



Geographically situated on the South-western end of the European continent, bordering the Atlantic Ocean, this seafaring nation naturally has a seafood-centric diet.

As a former colonial power, Portugal's empire reached far and wide from Brazil in the West, Angola in the South, to Macau in the East. The unique flavours of Portuguese cuisine is thus greatly influenced through spices, sugar, and coffee acquired from its vast colonies.

Our Team


Helmed by Chef Jervis Ng, trained under the tutelage of award winning Portuguese chefs, our team in the kitchen is a lively group passionate and committed to bring you delicious, authentic award winning Portuguese food.

Boca operations is led by Daniel Alves, He drives the team to deliver personalised service that exceeds expectation.

Boca creates unique and memorable experiences for all our guests including group and venue bookings.


To complement the food at BOCA, an array of unique Portuguese wines, cocktails and beer are available through our Portuguese supplier, Alentasia.


Originally designed by Portuguese Gracinha Viterbo of the internationally-famed Viterbo Interior Design, BOCA's immaculate interiors in its first location, have been carefully curated with all furniture, d├ęcor and light fixtures specially imported from Portugal. Since moving to Ann Siang Hill, BOCA now also boasts a stunning, monochromatic mural by renowned and prolific Portuguese artist and architect Marco Buinhas. It spans the length of the first level wall and features many iconic figures in Portuguese history, arts and culture.